Newsletter March 2014  

TempLogger™ Version 6.5 released

TempLogger Machine Interface



The latest release of TempLogger can be integrated with machine control programs to replace timer based rotomoulding cycles with temperature based cycles. The Machine Monitor application is assumed to be, among other functions, the interface that the machine operators use. In the scenario that a Machine Monitor does not exist, then TempLogger could be used as the main machine application. TempLogger has two interface options:
  • RS232 serial COM port communications
  • TCP/IP communications

RS232 Communications

TempLogger communicates with the Base and Sender temperature recording units through a USB serial COM port. Data packets received by the Base unit from the Sender units are sent to a second RS232 serial port to provide communications with a PLC monitoring device that can interpret the temperature readings for machine control. TempLogger has an inbuilt serial COM port monitor that displays the communications data packages.

TCP/IP Communications

The interface uses the industry standard TCP/IP communication protocol to transmit data packages between computing devices on a network. The TempLogger application sends temperature readings and alarm activation events to the Machine Monitor application that communicates with the Machine PLC. TempLogger connects to the Machine Monitor automatically so that both applications can stream data between themselves.

Sample Program

A sample Machine Monitor program can be provided that demonstrates the way in which the interface operates. It is easy to develop or integrate into an existing application and uses a minimal amount of computer resources.

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Newsletter June 2013  
TempLogger™ Version 6.2 released

Machine PLC Interface


The interface uses the industry standard RS232 serial port communication protocol to transmit data packages between a TempLogger PC and a machine PLC device.
  • A Network RS232 serial port is used to communicate with the base and sender units and receive the temperature data packets.
  • A Machine RS232 serial port is used to communicate with the PLC device and send the temperature data packets.
  • The Network and Machine serial port numbers cannot be the same.
  • Up to 4 senders can be used to send temperature data to the PLC device.
Alarm Sounds
A sound file is used for each alarm relay number to alert operators when an alarm is triggered because the USB base unit does not have relays or a sounder.
  • A different sound file can be used for each relay.
  • Files sound1.wav to sound6.wav corresponds with relays 1 to 6.
  • An empty or invalid sound.wav file will make no sound.
TempLogger Ultra System
Newsletter May 2013  
TempLogger™ Version 6.1 released

Network Units

  • The base and sender units feature new wireless technology which includes: CE and RoHS compliance.
  • 2.4 GHz worldwide license free ISM Band frequency with signal strength indicator.
  • A USB powered base unit with no cables or external power.
  • Multiple log intervals for better temperature log results.
  • A smaller ULTRA sender unit specially designed for portability and testing.

Network Setup

The base and sender units connect automatically when powered on and transmit temperature readings every 5, 8 or 10 seconds, according to the log interval setting.

  • Each sender is identified by a unique ID.
  • Each sender is allocated to a base unit.
  • The sender assumes its associated base unit log interval.

Temperature Logs

Data packets received from the senders can arrive in any order at any time so they are accumulated in an array until the program is ready to plot them. A standard 10 second temperature graph plot interval is used to be able to combine and compare temperature logs with different log intervals from different TempLogger versions.







TempLogger Mini System
Newsletter April 2013  
TempLogger™ Version 6.0 released

The TempLogger Version 6.0 release features new technology for the base and sender units as a result of extensive research and in accordance with Roto Solutions’ motto SIMPLER, SMARTER, LIGHTER, which includes :

  • CE and RoHS compliance
  • 2.4 GHz worldwide license free ISM Band frequency with signal strength indicator
  • Multiple log interval frequencies for better temperature log results
  • A USB powered base unit with no cables or external power
  • A smaller ULTRA sender unit specially designed for portability and testing
  • The sender uses a single, long life, type 1/2 AA lithium battery
  • A pressure sensor is available as an optional add-on extra.

The new TempLogger Version 6.0 can be run in parallel with older TempLogger versions without interference.

The TempLogger Pressure version requires additional run-time programs and pressure sensor equipment.

Machine Monitor Interface

Old TempLogger base unit (left) and new TempLogger 2.4 GHz USB powered base unit (right)

The interface uses the industry standard TCP/IP communication protocol to transmit data packages between computing devices on a network. TempLogger is the client application that sends temperature readings or alarm activation events to the Machine Monitor server application. TempLogger connects to the Machine Monitor automatically so that both applications can stream data between themselves.

Newsletter March 2013  
TempLogger™ Version 5.4 released

The TempLogger Version 5.4 release features a new Production module that displays a list of products that have been produced by a machine for the whole shift, making it easier for supervisors to control the production process.

A history of machine production can be viewed at any time that shows :

  • Individual and combined product numbers and weights for each machine arm and the whole machine.
  • Multiple stage production cycles for oven, cooling and demoulding times for each production run.

Cycle times are clearly displayed for each machine arm, making it easier to improve machine efficiencies by creating a better balance of products loaded on each arm.


Production Sets

Production sets are a combination of products that can easily be set up for each machine arm for multiple production runs, thereby making it easier for the machine operator. The product alarm settings and details for each product are used to calculate cycle times and materials consumption.

Newsletter June 2011
TempLogger™ Version 5.2 released

The latest release of TempLogger Version 5.2 features a New Production Screen display with large Time & Temperature display making it easier for Operators to grasp the concept of Time vs Temperature.

A new and improved Machine Settings page records multiple stages in the Production Cycle.

Plus Product Recipes now allows inputs for Dry Flow Test and Bulk Density Results. A new heat insulation box that is more robust.

The COMPACT Sender unit is very portable and convenient to travel with yet is proving to be a good production Sender when atttached to a Production machine arm platforms or moulds, measuring environment plus internal and external mould temperatures.

 The STANDARD Sender can operate in temperatures of 300°C for up to 60 minutes continuously for up to 9 hour without any cooling.This well suited for longer cycles and larger products..

The set of 1 x 50mm ThermoProbe and a 2 meter ThermoLead now included as part of the standard package. Extra ThermoProbes and ThermoLeads can be ordered. These are the most durable on the market today..
Quick Customer Support

This is proving to be of great help in getting Customer TempLogger systems configured correctly and helping Customers with queries and recommendations.

A Real Time online Customer Support function..

Newsletter May 2009
TempLogger™ Version 5.0 released
The latest release of TempLogger features Quick Customer Support, multiple frequency sender units and most significantly, a new sender unit heat insulation box that is much smaller and lighter.
The Sender unit is portable and conveniently attaches to machine arm platforms or moulds, measuring environmental plus internal and external mould temperatures via special K-type thermocouples.  The Sender can operate in temperatures of 300°C for up to 60 minutes sending data from inside the oven and cooling bays to the Base unit during heating and cooling cycles.
The new thermocouples ThermoProbe and ThermoLead enhance the reliability and durability of the unit to measure, control and improve the rotomoulding process.
Quick Customer Support
If you need any help in getting your TempLogger system configured properly or you require further support on any of the features, Roto Solutions are able to assist you through remote access to your computer. We will be able to show you step by step, how to perform certain functions that you may be having difficulty with and get you going quickly and easily.
Newsletter June 2007
TempLogger™ Version 4.6 released
The latest version of TempLogger has been released, which has a new alarm timer and relay timer that were requested by clients. Our client base is growing steadily and TempLogger is now installed in 24 countries around the world.
Alarm Timer
A timer can be set for each of the 6 alarms as a failsafe precaution against temperature monitoring channel probe malfunctions. The time can be set for each step of the moulding cycle i.e. time in the oven and time in the cooling bay.
Relay Timer
Controlling rotomoulding machines is now even easier with TempLogger. When an alarm is activated, one of the 6 relays is latched, providing +24V DC to one of the connector poles that can be used to override any of the PLC timers. The resetting of alarm relays can be controlled manually or automatically by selecting a reset delay from 1 to 10 seconds. When an alarm is triggered, relays will remain latched until the Reset button is pressed or the reset delay time has expired.
Newsletter March 2007
TempLogger™ Version 4.4 released
Roto Solutions is continuously striving to improve the performance of TempLogger and the latest version has significant improvements to the Base and Sender units.
The Base unit
TempLogger V4 Base unit
The Base unit can be interfaced with rotomoulding machines to optimize machine operation. Internal mould and oven temperatures are used to trigger alarms that activate any one of 6 relays that can be connected to the PLC via an 8-pole, 5A cable connection.
Alarm Settings
The alarm settings define what recipe will be used and which relay will be activated. Alarm settings are used to control oven operation and cooling cycles and can be monitored for any one of the four available channels. Temperature readings are filtered to remove erroneous information such as spikes caused by probe malfunctions, before any alarm can be activated. As a failsafe precaution, any channel can be selected to monitor temperatures during a production run to prevent losing an expensive product.
When an alarm is activated, one of the 6 relays is latched, providing +24 V DC to one of the connector poles that can be used to override any of the PLC timers. There is no fixed way in which the relays can be connected to the PLC as they differ for each machine. It will be best to contact Roto Solutions so that a solution can be found for any particular interface.
The Sender unit
The performance of the Sender unit has been improved significantly. Each unit has a unique ID and can be set up remotely via radio signal in place of using a RS232 connection.
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Newsletter February 2006
TempLogger™ Version 4.0 released
Roto Solutions has released their latest version of TempLogger 4.0, which has a new alarm monitoring interface and improvements to some components that were requested by clients.
Alarms Monitor Interface
Click here for a demonstration
The alarm monitoring interface provides a way for rotational moulding machine manufacturers to seamlessly interface their Windows based systems with TempLogger™, to replace timer based heating and cooling cycles with temperature based alarm monitoring, regardless of the machine configuration.
The interface is an ActiveX component whose purpose is to provide asynchronous notifications to a client application. The machine manufacturer’s system or client application can go about its business while the TempLogger™ component works on a task or watches for an occurrence of an alarm being activated.
Alarm Settings
TempLogger ™ alarm settings control oven operation and cooling cycles based on internal mould temperatures.
It is totally flexible how alarms can be configured, as there are no fixed rules. In general, the heating cycle and cooling cycles can be controlled by switching off the burner, opening oven doors and switching fans or water sprays on and off. For multiple skin moulding, alarms can be set to control the heating cycle for each material dump. In addition, a delay can be set for any alarm to prevent it from activating prematurely.
Client Application
The client program is set up to receive alarm activation events from TempLogger ™ and to send start and stop temperature log notifications to TempLogger ™ to control each cycle.
Setting up the client application to receive the alarm activation events is not difficult and a step by step procedure to walk you through the set up is available from Roto Solutions.
Newsletter August 2005
TempLogger™ presented at Hong Kong conference
At the recent ARMO conference held in Hong Kong, China, Gary Lategan, director of Roto Solutions, impressed delegates with his presentation of the temperature monitoring and control system, TempLogger.
Components of the TempLogger system include the sender monitoring device, K-type thermocouples, control station, cooling device, cables and battery packs
Arising from the conference, major rotomoulding companies in Australia and New Zealand have showed significant interest in the TempLogger system.
Roto machine manufacturer, Reinhardt are particularly interested in integrating TempLogger’s unique alarm control with their computerized PLC system and in meeting client requirements for providing production history.
Reinhardt Roto-Machines India
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Roto Solutions
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K-Fab uses TempLogger™
K-Fab Plastics (Pty) Ltd, based in Chamdor near Krugersdorp in South Africa, winners of the ‘Product of the Year’ award at the recent ARMSA Rotation 2005 conference, have installed TempLogger on their range of carousel machines.

K-Fab management (L to R) Johan Goosen (Director), Dennis Goosen (Production Manager) and Kobie Goosen (Director) keenly observe a temperature log

A comparison graph clearly shows a 25% improvement in cycle times for the same product

Johan Goosen, director of K-Fab Plastics said “We have already achieved a 25% improvement in cycle times on certain products within a matter of hours thanks to TempLogger showing us where we were going wrong. Our productivity should increase significantly because we now have a means of monitoring and controlling our production. We were so impressed by the results that we immediately ordered two more sender monitoring devices.”
Roto Solutions’ TempLogger system is living up to its promises of improved productivity and efficiency in rotomoulding through temperature monitoring coupled with its unique alarm control capabilities based on internal mould temperatures.
K-Fab have also started using the Roto Release agent and are pleased with the results and tangible benefits it provides.
CNC Machining
Mould made from 12 pieces

CNC team (L to R) Leon de Swardt, Sean Enslin, Jakes Modisenyane, Kaizer Ramatisa, Kobus Fritz and Freddie Grobler

The CNC team machined a composite mould weighing 217kg from 12 individual aluminium billits using 3D CAD mould design and 3D Surface CAM design software.
The overall mould dimensions including the frame are 1600 x 1600 x 310 mm. The cage is fitted with slide rails to ensure fool-proof re-assembly of the mould after charging. The mould is equipped with heavy duty clamps and clamp handle lengths were fabricated to eliminate overclamping.
The total aluminium billet weight was 491kg and only 72kg after machining. Although the CNC machine has an X-axis travel of 1100 mm, it was possible to manufacture components accurately beyond the machine bed travel.
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Newsletter July 2005
Atlas Plastics uses TempLogger
Atlas Plastics (Pty) Ltd, part of the Little Lions Investments group of companies based in Klerksdorp, South Africa and with over 25 years of rotomoulding experience, are using TempLogger™ on a range of carousel and rock and roll machines.
Machine operators from Atlas Plastics proudly show their certificates of achievement
Continuous monitoring on a 24 x 7 basis provides a real benefit for effective monitoring, control and management of each machine’s cycle times and production quantity.
Atlas Plastics has been the testing ground and played an important role in the development of a robust and stable system in a production environment. Machine operators are trained in the basics of running temperature logs, sender unit cooling, battery care, thermocouple probe wire positioning and reacting to warning messages and alarm signals.
Atlas Plastics (Pty) Ltd
TempLogger™ demonstration
Thursday, 7 July 2005
Handover to Lomotek Polymers (L to R) Pieter Muller, Clive Robertson (Lomotek), Werner du Toit (Lomotek), Keith Ric-Hansen
A number of delegates from Accelerate Design, Kaymac, K-Fab Plastics, Lomotek Polymers and Pioneer Plastics attended a demonstration of the TempLogger™ system at the Sasol Polymers PCT center.
Delegates were shown how it is possible to take the guesswork out of rotomoulding by monitoring oven and internal mould temperatures to control oven and cooling cycle times for different polyethylene powders and moulds.
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Newsletter June 2005

TempLogger™ V3.0 launched
Wednesday, 18 May 2005
At the recent ARMSA conference held in Krugersdorp South Africa, Gary Lategan, director of Roto Solutions, presented the latest version of TempLogger™, their temperature monitoring and control system for rotational moulding. It is considered to be a world leader in rotational moulding software for production control and for research and development that will contribute significantly towards improving manufacturing cycle times.
Professor Roy Crawford, a guest speaker at the conference from Waikato University New Zealand and ex Queens University Belfast, said “No rotomoulder should be without this type of system”.
“Roto Solutions' TempLogger system is an invaluable tool to link what Cyclics has come to know about the chemistry of our resin with the variation that can be introduced with different ovens, moulds, charge weights, cooling methods, etc. TempLogger has made a major contribution to the commercial introduction of our product” said John Ciovacco, Global Business Development and founder of Cyclics Corporation New York, USA.
Lomotek Polymers to use TempLogger™
Wednesday, 25 May 2005
The Roto Solutions team proudly show the results of their CBT® resin tests (L to R) Keith Ric-Hansen, John Ciovacco (Cyclics), Pieter Muller, Richard Ruele, Gary Lategan, Clive Robertson (Lomotek).
Lomotek’s vision for rotational moulding applications and willingness to invest in growth led them to use the features of TempLogger™ to demonstrate new products to their innovative customer base and enable them to move into new levels of product performance.
Lomotek Polymers (Pty) Ltd, part of the Lomold Group of companies based in Cape Town South Africa with offices in Johannesburg, has a primary focus of producing high quality colour compounded polyethylene powders for the rotational moulding market in South Africa.   Further to their focused business, the management of Lomotek Polymers has a wealth of knowledge and experience with high-tech engineering polymers spanning across the entire plastics industry in South Africa.   The founding principle of Lomotek Polymers is to advance mutually beneficial business growth.
Cyclics and Lomotek ran their third set of trials at Roto Solutions to further realize the potential of Cyclics CBT resin for the rotational moulding industry. Cyclics Corporation's CBT resin holds great promise for making high value parts that contain significant improvements in material properties and aesthetics.
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