Our TempLogger Range
A Roto Moulder's Dream Tool  

TempLogger is currently installed at over 100 sites in more than 45 countries around the world

TempLogger offers Roto Moulders many advantages that are not available with other systems

TempLogger provides rotomoulders with the ability to improve productivity and quality, cut costs and increase profitability

'Measure, Control and Improve'

A world leader in rotomoulding temperature monitoring and control
Temperature Logs
Production Graphs

Continuous, real time monitoring of multiple stations recording temperatures by machine, product, date and time

Alarm settings control oven operation and cooling cycles based on internal mould temperatures.

View up to 12 hour shifts of continuous moulding cycles by machine, date and time.

Easy shift checking and monitoring of cycle times and production.
Data Comparison
Information Base

Compare and analyze individual graphs for different products and machines.

Calculate and compare energy consumption in thermal units, measure slopes, remove spikes and smooth graphs.

Comprehensive information base of man, machine and product performance to optimize heating, cooling and de-moulding cycle times for any machine configuration.

Maintain product history of individual logs for traceability purposes.
Easy to use Equipment
Machine Interface
TempLogger consists of three basic components: a control station PC or laptop that is connected to a base unit and a temperature monitoring device sender unit that is attached to a machine arm or station. The base and sender units communicate with wireless radio telemetry. The interface provides a way for rotational moulding machine manufacturers to seamlessly interface their computer controlled systems with TempLogger , to replace timer based heating and cooling cycles with temperature based alarm monitoring, regardless of the machine configuration.

ThermoProbe and ThermoLead

ThermoProbe is fixed directly onto the mould through a small hole drilled into the mould. ThermoProbe is tough and strong and will last for years if maintained properly. ThermoLead is a tough, long lasting, kink-proof, thermally insulated thermocouple extension lead.