RotoRelease is a Formulation we sell, NOT a product that is applied to the mould.

It comes with instructions on how to use it.

There are two additives that must be Dry Blended or Compounded into the polymer.


APPLICATION RotoRelease is an excellent internal release agent for all polymers used in rotational moulding.
PROPERTIES Provides consistent moulding quality - over 10,000 releases have been achieved.
Provides consistent product release for better warpage and shrinkage control.
Reduces downtime on moulds.
Reduces standing time on machines.
Improves production output.
Provides cost savings that vastly exceed expectations.

No extra processing is required.

Experience has shown that RotoRelease can be dry blended or compounded.

Recommended addition to the polymer will depend on the application and type of mixing and complexity of the mould.

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